Coaching and empowering women to embrace their gifts and talents to create businesses and lives they love.

Time to ditch old scripts saying you aren’t enough.
Ready to brave your path?
I got your back.


You’re ready to branch out into something else, something more, something different.

Sure, you’re stuck. You’re unclear or uncertain.
These are resolvable places to be in.

You need accountability, a sounding board, and some assurance.

Maybe a little cheerleading and some handholding. Through my 1:1 coaching programs we work to scrap those old myths and scripts you’ve been living by. The ones that tell you that “you aren’t enough” or “you don’t have what it takes.” We develop a concrete plan to have you feeling in control of your next step and achieving attainable goals while also stretching your limits just enough that you build your confidence, too.



We will dig into those limiting beliefs and barriers keeping you from truly tapping into and embracing your strengths and talents.


Already have an idea of what you want to achieve? Or maybe it’s fuzzy and the image needs sharpening. We are going to clearly identify what you're after.


We will develop your plan, creating manageable goals and some that push your comfort zone. We will gain you the traction to get going.


All packages begin with a complimentary consult. We talk about your goals and figure out your baseline. 

(And we also determine if we like each other and will work well together. You know, because chemistry does matter.)

The Light Package

Feeling a little clueless about what you’re even wanting to do? Not sure where to start? It’s time we shed some light on the situation. Like anything, the place to begin is always with you. Let’s discuss the dreams you continue to have but snuff out. We’ll define them and give them a name. Then we need to discuss why you haven’t started yet. With an in-depth assessment, tools and one-on-one coaching, we look at your roadblocks and triggers that are stopping you from moving forward.

7 60-min Zoom calls and unlimited email for three months

The Camera Package

You’ve spent some time envisioning what it is you’re after, but that picture is still a little fuzzy. The feeling is there, captured internally. You want something more. What is it exactly? What does it look like? We will discuss what you are envisioning and make sure that is what you really want. Through an in-depth assessment, action items and one-on-one coaching we will define your vision. Most importantly, we’ll ensure that your vision feels in alignment with you, your values, and what you want out of life and is attainable.

5 60-min Zoom calls and unlimited email for 2 months

The Action Package

You’re clear on what it is you want. You’ve done some self-work to heal limiting beliefs and self-doubt. But still you’re feeling stuck in your head, all kinds of feelings and thoughts, but no action. You need a personalized roadmap to success! In this package we’ll review what you are currently doing and not doing. We will create a detailed achievable plan with steps to make your vision a reality. The plan will be created based on your strengths and weaknesses and we’ll make it easy to implement.

3 75-min Zoom calls and unlimited email for 1-month



HI, THERE, I’M MARY and the first thing I want you to know is I HAVE YOUR BACK. And I’VE BEEN THERE.

Want to become your own boss? Leave behind the 9-5? Create your own full-time business? Pursue a side hustle that’s calling your name? Pivot towards passion and away from “the grind” or that thing you’ve always done just because?

I can support you on this journey. 

Not only have I been there, wanting the very same things you do now, but I’ve also long since made it to the other side.


I had spent years in hospitality and real estate, perfecting my customer service skills, but not experiencing the life for myself that I envisioned. Then, ten years ago I made a life-changing decision to leave it all behind and entered the Expert VA™ Training program.


Once I joined the program, I quickly realized what I was capable of. I launched myself into my own business (My Virtual Service Inc.), where I became a social media expert. From there, I transitioned into consulting, training, and speaking. 


Simultaneously, I was given the opportunity to coach students who came into the program after me. Over the last ten years, I’ve risen through the ranks, earning the title of Head Coach. This experience revealed to me that coaching is my calling and my passion. 


While I’m a certified coach for Virtual Assistants and Virtual Experts™ I’m branching out. 


I’m leveraging all I’ve gained from 10+ years in coaching to work with you and bring you to your other side – however you define it. 


My real down-to-the-core purpose is to coach women to become successful and create the lives they love.  


I love watching women become the people they are supposed to be, using the talents they were born with. I enjoy being a part of changing people’s lives and witnessing all the successes throughout the process. From making a commitment to making a change to walking out of their current careers or day jobs to pursue their passions … it’s a wild and wonderful ride and I love being on it. I want to ride that rollercoaster over and over again. 


Being that I’ve been there, in that moment of time where I had to make a choice to keep moving through my current career or alter my own destiny, I get it. There’s a lot to consider and a ton of hustle involved. As a coach, I will advise you on the steps necessary to build a thriving business, or simply just thrive on your own terms and create the life you love. Our work together will allow you to pursue and achieve your personal goals – whatever they are.


Let’s set up a free consultation where I can answer your questions, ease your worries, erase your fears. 


I want to help you jump on this journey and brave and pave your path to success on your terms while living by your own rules. 









We will begin with where you’re at – what’s your baseline? I’ll ask you questions and get to know you deeply. I truly care about the women I coach – from their personal to their professional lives. I need to know where you’re starting in order to support paving your path to where you want to end up.


Then, we’ll talk about what that looks like. Where exactly it is that you want to go? What’s your BIG dream? And what are the barriers standing in your way? We’ll turn a critical eye on those blocks and limiting beliefs.


All of that leads to creating a plan for execution including milestones, homework, accountability check-ins, and whatever else we need to do to get you across your finish line.



To coach and empower women to embrace their gifts and talents to create
businesses and lives they love.


For women to have confidence in themselves so they can create the momentum required to achieve whatever they desire.


I promise to remind you you’re a badass until you realize it yourself and OWN it.

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Most frequent questions and answers

All packages begin with a complimentary consult which means you have to message me to set up a time to talk.

During the initial complimentary consult, we talk about your goals and determine if we like each other and will work well together. I’ll also review with you in detail what my packages include. Then we determine our next step.

You need to be ready to work and to show up.

The specifics depend on the package, but every one of them comes with unlimited email support for the duration of the package. All packages also come with 100% care, support, honesty, and accountability in achieving your goals.

Awesome! We talk about what your new needs are and how to build upon the work we’ve already done together. If one of the other packages doesn’t fit the bill, we’ll customize a package according to your current needs or we will explore continuing your current package but with a new balance of hours. 

1:1 coaching by the hour requires a consultation to determine goals and fit. Otherwise, it’s reserved for established clients who wish to extend their packages by purchasing additional hours of 1:1 coaching.

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